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Hi guys,

I have a new problem found at WM_MEASUREITEM message and using the content of MEASUREITEMSTRUCT.itemData.

I created a normal popmenu with ownerdraw flag and at WM_MEASUREITEM & WM_DRAWITEM I am using the content of itemData of both structs (DRAWITEMSTRUCT and MEASUREITEMSTRUCT) to read the menu string and draw it.But anyhow its working diffrent so I dont get the same results.For my popmenu everything works well and the menu strings are comletely inside of itemData to see but when I am also using a second normal main menu with ownerdraw flag then I dont have the whole menu string inside of itemData and I got only ONE letter and the menu does also show only one letter for each menu entry.The main menu I created in the resources of WinASM.So my question is why I dont have the full menu string X inside of the itemData from my main menu in this case?For popup menu I have it.Thats a problem because I need to handle the string lenghts of menu entrys at WM_MEASUREITEM message to calc the right size of it.


MeasureItem proc...
Invoke lstrlen,[edi].MEASUREITEMSTRUCT.itemData
mov ecx,eax
Invoke GetTextExtentPoint32,hDCs,[edi].MEASUREITEMSTRUCT.itemData,ecx,addr TextSize

Below 2 pics of main menu and popup menu.Both using same code of measure & drawitem itemData.


Does anyone know why I am getting diffrent results from itemData content?So I could also use GetMenuString function instead itemData content but for this function I need the menuhandle X what is bad if I am using more than one menus.So I would still like to use the itemData content for all menus to read the menu strings inside without using a extra Menu function with handle X.How can I fix this problem now?I only method what does work is using ModifyMenu function at WM_INITDIALOG.....

	.if	uMsg == WM_INITDIALOG
		invoke GetMenu,hWnd
		mov menuhandle,eax
		invoke ModifyMenu,menuhandle,10011,MF_OWNERDRAW,10011,chr$("Tuts4you")

....then it works again...


...but then I have to double the menu work so its already created in the resoureces.Maybe its any resources issue but I dont know yet how to fix it you know.Maybe you have any idea.

Thank you and greetz

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Just a quick thought/idea ... did you try to put/apply owner-draw flag also for menu item in resources?
This way it should send/call the WM_MEASUREITEM for every items and your processing should be the same.

Sorry, re-reading your message, you're already using ownerdrawn flag for your menu in resources ... so my previous answer is not useful.

Anyway, itemData is a "place" to put custom information and, by default, as far as I remember, it should be empty/uninitialized and/or system-reserved ... unless you put something in it. That's why you actually *have to* modify the resources' menu to set it explicitly.

I found this maybe useful quote:  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/menurc/using-menus


Setting the Owner-Drawn Flag

    You cannot define an owner-drawn menu item in your application's resource-definition file. Instead, you must create a new menu item or modify an existing one by using the MFT_OWNERDRAW menu flag.


    By setting the appropriate members of the MENUITEMINFO structure, you can associate an application-defined value, which is called item data, with each menu item. To do so, specify the MIIM_DATA value for the fMask member and the application-defined value for the dwItemData member.

 You created popup menu straight by code, right (not using resources) ?

You could use the SetMenuItemInfo (as suggested in the quoted link) to set only the itemdata ... without having to re-set the item text again.


 It's a lot I don't play with this stuff, so everyone is very welcome to correct me :)

 Best Regards,


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Hello tonyweb,

thank you for trying to help me.Ok,so I think I got it working now with your infos and putting menu string into itemData instead of dwTypeData of MENUITEMINFO.Now I get all menu string to see in my menu correctly as I wanted. 😃 Not using menu from resources now and I just used functions to create it.Always this strange diffrent issues / problems if I use any resources control or no menu but I thought already that this depends on it as you said tony.Thanks again.

PS: Yes,the popup I created by code and the main menu above in resources.I thought it would be easier to create a menu in resources to save coding that parts also the part where I can directly set acceletators shortcuts.Just need to find out now how to put the shortcuts automatically at the end after the menu string like this....

Exit                F4

.....using Ownerdraw.



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Hi again,

just have 2 small addon questions about ownerdraw & measureitem.

1.) How to handle this shortcuts in a menu to set them on the right side in if use ownerdraw?I only can set the menu string name like "Menu 1     F3" but need to set spaces between.Is there any standart way to set / handle this shortcut entrys in a menu?

2.) What is the message in a ownerdraw if I move the mouse pointer over a button to get triggerd?On Windows mode the buttons does change the color if I move the mouse over but in the DRAWITEMSTRUCT I cant find any message to catch that.Or have I to subclass all buttons and checking WM_MOUSEMOVE?

Thanks again & greetz

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