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Simple Crackme (.c)

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Language : .C
Platform : Windows x32/x64
OS Version : Windows 7/8/10
Packer / Protector : None

Description :

Hey guys, I have built something very simple. It will take 1-2 minutes to crack it good luck;

1) Find the key.
2) Disable the key check.

Screenshot :


Download :

Simple CrackMe by Rainbow.exe

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Teddy Rogers

Please edit your challenge following the correct posting format before this will be approved...


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  • Solution

Key is 10nJMm29spqk19OkJjsjUijanJSP


mov     dword ptr [esp+78h], 31306E4Ah
mov     dword ptr [esp+7Ch], 4D6D3239h
mov     dword ptr [esp+80h], 7370716Bh
mov     dword ptr [esp+84h], 31394F6Bh
mov     dword ptr [esp+88h], 4A6A736Ah
mov     dword ptr [esp+8Ch], 55696A61h
mov     dword ptr [esp+90h], 6E4A5350h
mov     dword ptr [esp+94h], 0


Not even sure why this is posted, everything is in the clear. Bad coding practice as well, you should use scanf_s instead of scanf.

Edited by zunzutech
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