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How to use WM_MENUDRAG message?


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Hi guys,

I was trying to create a popup menu using CreatePopupMenu function and SetMenuInfo function (MNS_DRAGDROP) to get triggered by WM_MENUDRAG message = Ok.Now on this message I can read wparam content to check out where the drag did started lik from position 1 for example.The problem now is how to check where the drag did end if I release the left mousebutton again?There is a message called WM_MENURBUTTONUP but not for the left button.Now I dont know how to find that out to catch the drag end of this operation you know.Only thing I could do is to catch WM_MENUSELECT after WM_MENUDRAG (setting a marker of drag start item index) and checking at WM_MENUSELECT which item is selected and doing any update on fly or something like that maybe.Not sure whether this is the right way.

My goal is just to change the menu items by user via mouse in a visible contextmenu.Has anyone a example for that how to deal with WM_MENUDRAG (optional with visible drag style using DoDragDrop function etc)?


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