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Strings x64dbg plugin


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6 hours ago, CyberGod said:


thx for plug

bug: an error occurs if I move the tab

Thanks a lot for the test. I'll try to fix this bug.

BTW Drag and drop should work after the first warning message.


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11 hours ago, deepzero said:

What advantage does this offer over native x64dbg  functionality?

x64dbg can native search only references to strings in code. My plugin can search all strings in main module.

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1 hour ago, xxx22xxx said:

your Problem is not Problem of plugin from @hors, its bug of x64dbg , try to move other Tabs and you will see the same error!

Sorry it's true. Previously, I set the tabs order and after updating to the last build, I drew attention to this, and after I installed the plugin, I tried to change its location and encountered this problem. Hors thx!


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