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Obfuscated Malware Sample


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Hi all,

RDG says It's DotWall Obfuscator but I think its somehow different or I'm too sh*tty to deobfuscate it. I couldn't deobfuscate fully. Could you help about it and tell me how it is different or what i did wrong? Btw It's a malware sample.

Thanks in advance.


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Yep, looks like Dotwall. But the main executable is totally boring - the interesting stuff is in .NET resources. So, don't waste much time trying to deobfuscate main executable. ;)

There are 2 malicious PE files in .NET resources - XOR-encrypted with key 76 00 6F 00 52 00 4E 00 66 00 48 00 73 00 44 00 
One is Aspire.dll, protected with .NET Reactor - that's some sort of malware launcher. Other one is password stealer written in Delphi.


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