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Crack electromagnetic cards????


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how are you/.?

I am looking for a method for cracking electromagnetic cards.
Do friends have any experience in this field?


Electromagnetic cards like bank cards or subway cards...


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When you search images with google bring great results:

it is something I rather not do!


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18 hours ago, HostageOfCode said:

You need to have high tech lab to read and write on smart cards.

Nop!!! you don't need!

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They can easily be readed and written...


they have 1-2-3 tracks


mostly, they have user name, and some more info...


then, checked by database.



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If you look for a good reader for your pc get yourself a proxmark3 and if you just want to look into mifare 1k just get a cheap ACR122U from ebay.
if you want to have fun get yourself and arduino or rpi with a pn532 module, it's capable of reading mifare 1k and i had already fun with it too, hacking few weak card systems and making portable nfc card cloner, with this module from adafruit, but there is alternatives who are cheaper.
if you have a smartphone capable of nfc reading you can try android apps such as Tag NFC Cloner, work fine too.

edit: related to credit card reading i don't now, but i'm sure something should exist in github.

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For Bank Cards
You will have to purchase MSR with ability to write as well as read (+writing software for the MSR), and collect track data to clone and write onto blank card (if thats your goal).
mostly track 1 and 2 are used, track 3 not really.

for detailed info on what information each track holds read pdf attached below

For MIFARE cards
you can use an nfc reader to read and write. (android device works)
however you may need to bruteforce the key. there are nfc read/writers with ability to bruteforce for as little as 20usd on ebay


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extra info about mifare
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