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Dnlib cant find nested type!


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Dnlib cant find nested type!
Nested type name:

        public TypeDef FindTypeFullName(string typeFullName)
        if (assemblies==null||assemblies.Count<=0)
        return null;
        for (int i=0;i<assemblies.Count;i++)
            TypeDef foundtype = assemblies.Find(typeFullName, false);  // is a slah '/'
            if (foundtype!=null)
            return foundtype;
        return null;

So I've used AssemblyDef Find method,
anyway this doesn't find nested types!
What I do wrong? How to fix it?

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Seems the string is malformed:
        string toFindType = "Confuser_Methods_Decryptor.MetadataReader";
        string WrongStr   = "Confuser_Met hods_Decryptor.MetadataRead e r";
        int Len1 = toFindType.Length;  // 41
        int Len2 = WrongStr.Length;    // 44 WTF???

toFindType - when I enter that all is ok.

"Confuser_Met hods_Decryptor.MetadataRead e r"

This board really helps for seeing the malformed string!


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The solution was to trim spaces and NewLines like this:
        operand_str = operand_str.TrimEnd(' ');
        operand_str = operand_str.TrimEnd( '\r', '\n' );

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