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Appfuscator + Code Displacer


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Difficulty : ~/10 ( I dont know )
Language : . NET
Platform : Windows
OS Version : Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Packer / Protector : Appfuscator String Encryption + Code Displacer

Description :

Unpack the file and get the password. Upload the file with a small tutorial if possible it would be highly appreciated.

Screenshot : 



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will just take the key for now 




i might work on an unpacker tomorrow if i have some time


but to get the key simply just put a breakpoint on string compare methods 

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20 hours ago, noammiz007 said:

Password is: HQ2BXbODYl

Didn't have to unpack it. The key is not protected.

I used Process Hacker to get the key.


Address: 0x3128234

is in the unpackme session. is not a crackme. so yes you need to unpack it 

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