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Eazfuscator.NET + Themida


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Difficulty : 5 (Unsure)
Language : . NET
Platform : Windows
OS Version : Windows 10
Packer / Protector : Eazfuscator.NET 2018.4 + Themida + Custom (somewhat) "Anti Debug"

Description :

Unpack the file and upload the unpacked file + a tutorial on how to unpack it, if possible.

Screenshot : 





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Themida removed (dumped and fixed)

still protected by eazfuscator i don't know how to devitualize it 

but i guess it can be unpacked without debugging, so here your Anti debug has no sense in this protection

someone can continue

CrackMe Themida removed.rar

Edited by Allstop
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Nobody did this yet? I am actually running into an issue with exactly this type of combo-protectors. Would love someone to share some knowledge on how to properly unpack and clean this!


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