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KeygenMe v1 Eddy^CZ [Eddy^Protector]


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Difficulty : 10
Language : C# .NET 4.0
Platform : Windows x64/x86
OS Version : All
Packer / Protector : Eddy^Protector

Description :

Hello im back. I developping new obfuscator based on ConfuserEx vanilla. But really different and increased protection to 200%. I used some cool algos like: XXTEA, RC6 , RSA.

Provide all 200 Key pairs to solve this KeygenMe.

Happy decrypting!




KeygenMe Eddy^CZ 2019.zip

Edited by Eddy^CZ
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Non-working on 32bit Win7 with .NET 4.6.2. 
Non-working on 64bit Win7 with .NET 4.5.1. 
Non-working on 64bit Win7 with .NET 4.6.2. 
Non-working on 64bit Win7 with .NET 4.7.1. 

Get your shit together or GTFO.

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Tracing of the problem : First error @ 19488 "Exception type : System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException"

Check the excel file for more info.







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I can confirm that i can run it

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro  10.0.17763
Microsoft DirectX: DirectX 12
OpenGL: 10.0.17763.1 (WinBuild.160101.0800)

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