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Creating a CrackMe with Simple Algorithm [Help]


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Hello there !  :) 

am using delphi 7 Lite 

this is a simple code i wrote   

if edit1.text = '9987-5481-2548-2000' then
showmessage('Good Boy !') else showmessage('Bad Boy !');

the problem is , when i debug my little CrackMe , i can see the correct password just by a simple search  (reference text string) ! 

see the picture  http://i63.tinypic.com/30rxhj8.png

how to hide strings ? 

- another question

i've created a simple algorithm

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
    var i,s : integer;
for i := 1 to length(edit1.text) do
         s := ord(edit1.text[i])
     s := s + $985;
     edit2.text := IntToStr(s);

how to convert this code to a CrackMe ? because i tried too many times and i i couldn't figure out the correct way  ! 

please help , i completely new to Delphi 


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5 hours ago, NOP said:

You could create a hash of the serial number (eg: MD5), hash the input box and check the result with your stored hash 😁

thank you for replying my topic , i'll do my best to apply what you've mentioned !



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