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Confuserex Modded by Cµrsëd$hëëp v3

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Difficulty : Probably 7
Language : C# .NET
Platform : Windows (anyCPU)
OS Version : Windows 7 Above
Packer / Protector : Confuserex Modded by Cµrsëd$hëëp v3

Description :

Upload the Unpacked file and Give me a detailed tutorial. like... tell me the specific method or specfic tools you used in order. as i said in the previous unpack challenges XD.

Also tell me how'd you decrypt the methods and strings.



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  • Solution

Password :


thisisnotakeylmao are you seeing this? XD fp get out lol.

Steps :

1. manually removed anti tamper

2. manually decompressed the file

3. manually removed anti tamper again

4. used ConfuserEx unpacker to decrypt strings and other protections

5. used de4dot to finish the work

6. manually removed junk

file : https://anonfile.com/W8LcT85an4/ConsoleApplication3_unpacked_exe (file size too big)

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