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PandaObfuscator, with custom VM


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Difficulty : 2-3
Language : .NET
Platform : Windows
OS Version : Windows7+
Packer / Protector : PandaObfuscator (Modded Confuser) with Custom VM

Description :

Just basic UnpackMe, want to see if my obfuscator good/bad

Screenshot :



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I'm cannot resolve the challenge yet, it's indeed very hard (at least for me). I would like just to know whether I've got the correct partial result or not.

I've managed to "dump" the key checking procedure, which locates on several non-contiguous pages (!?). The attached image is a part of it (I don't know how to capture all the function). I've found that there is a loop which reads each chararacter (input key is a wide string, each char is 2 bytes) by the instruction

movz ecx, [eax + ebx * 2]

the character is then checked with several values (e.g. "-", etc). But I still cannot go further.


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On 9/5/2020 at 10:27 PM, tungtruong20xx said:

can u help me this method :(

sorry my english is bad
exe and runtime.dll


give me the file

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