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.NET Simple Virtualization

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Difficulty : 4-5
Language : .NET
Platform : .NET/Mono
OS Version : All
Packer / Protector : Custom

Description :

This is a virtualizer I wrote over the last few days, basing most its protection on simple virtualization obfuscation, as well as constant local shuffling in order to make debugging a bit harder. Proper anti-debugging isn't implemented, though, so that should make things a bit easier.

Cracking :

If you do crack this, please post in the thread (or DM me) about how you did it. It doesn't have to be step-by-step; a simple "after doing X all you need to do is Y" is fine. If you have any suggestions for additional obfuscation, please include those as well.

Screenshots are attached.



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Lmao, looks like I accidentally preserved the strings heap in that version. I'll upload another version later that shouldn't be as dumb.

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