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Night Protector 2.0



Difficulty : IDK
Language : C#
Platform : Windows
OS Version : All Windows
Packer / Protector : Night Protector 2.0 (My own protector)

Description :

Unpack-me and clean the code, and give a Difficulty!

Screenshot :


Click to download crackme!

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after few months, i decided to try again and i have finally unpacked it!

1. decrypted strings for parameter.

2. converted str that is actually an int value.

3. resolved all sizeOfs.

4. converted reference proxy calli to normal calls and removed the proxy calls.

5. Removed some Cflow.

6. calculated the integer values that uses xor to get the value.

7. decrypted all the strings.

8. cleaned cflows and the rest acrack-me_obfuscated_Unpacked.exend also renamed.

Credits: Tesla - Helping remove cflow


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What i got so far... i just went to the method where it decrypts it and set a bp to get the key. some strings are decrypted. i don't know how to make my own string decrypter to do the other parts automatically.





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