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convert c++ to delphi HWID decoding Vmprotect


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I have a code for converting serials into segments written in C ++. Now I want to use this code in an application that I wrote in Delphi. I've translated some of the code but I did not understand a number of commands. Help me convert my code into Delphi

      std::string hwid_str = "aDBUvGX+SZeXe0ZRtjUGQTpD2jk=";
      size_t len = hwid_str.size();
      uint8_t *hwid = new uint8_t[len];
      Base64Decodehwid_str.c_str(), hwid_str.size(), hwid, len);
      for (size_t i = 0; i < len; i += 4) {
         uint32_t value = *reinterpret_cast<uint32_t *>(&hwid[i]);
         uint32_t id = value & ~3;
         switch (value & 3) {
         case 0:
            printf("CPU: %X\n", id);
         case 1:
            printf("Host: %X\n", id);
         case 2:
            printf("Ethernet: %X\n", id);
         case 3:
            printf("HDD: %X\n", id);
      delete [] hwid;

please help convert to delphi

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