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Teddy Rogers

I'll follow on from Techlord and add these to the list. These are (at time of posting) free Kindle eBook's at Amazon. They are free in different regions, search for them in your regional Amazon store...


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Teddy Rogers

Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook


Spend more time building great apps and less time managing server infrastructure. Get your solutions to market faster using Azure Functions, a fully managed compute platform for processing data, integrating systems, and building simple APIs and microservices. In this e-book you’ll find use cases, hands-on steps, and tutorials for quickly configuring your own serverless environments. Explore best practices for Functions, and learn how to:

Develop event-based handlers on a serverless architecture.
Test, troubleshoot, and monitor Azure functions.
Automate administrative tasks from development through to deployment and maintenance.
Integrate Functions with other Azure services.
Build stateful serverless apps and self-healing jobs using Durable Functions.



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Teddy Rogers

Coding for Kids in Scratch 3 -The Complete Guide to Creating Art

Currently a free Kindle eBook at time of posting...


This beautifully illustrated, hilariously written, and delightfully engaging step-by-step guide is designed for kids (ages 8+) to learn the fundamentals of coding and apply them to amazingly innovative projects. Readers will learn to use the incredible new features of Scratch 3 to build projects that not only teach them to code, but also inspire them to pursue today's most exciting frontiers of technology:

Artificial Intelligence
Video Game Bots
Machine Learning
Augmented Reality
Multiplayer Computer Games

The tried-and-true teaching methods featured in this book were developed by author Raj Sidhu and have been used to teach hundreds of thousands of children around the world how to code.



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