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what UI used by professional software?


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What UI (user interface) used to develop kesperky antivirus? avat and eset and bitdefder?
They have some sick gui. I wanna develop UI like them

I guess bitdefender used embedded html and css UI..

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1 hour ago, Extreme Coders said:

Some of them uses the Sciter engine. Lightweight and free from all that Electron bloat.


i am trying to find tutorial on google but i have not found anything.

Can you please provide me some guide or  online resource on reciter to follow along and devlop.. 



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Sciter has a ton of examples included with its download. https://github.com/c-smile/sciter-sdk

Keep in mind though, Sciter does not use standard Javascript / CSS engines, its all home-made so there are some things that will not work with it, and you cannot drop-in any JS library to work with it such as jQuery. (It comes with its own library similar to jQuery but is not as in depth.)

Overall its a great library, the owner/author is very active, nice and helpful on their site, and has been used in a lot of commercial apps such as the various anti-virus UI's.

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5 hours ago, malware said:

How do i reverse engineer sciter application? is it similar to reversing a win32 GUI app ?

What do you need to reverse? Are you looking for how the programs are doing certain things? A lot of the apps that are advertised on Sciters site as using Sciter no longer do. (Most have moved to Electron style setups instead so they can use official JS libraries and such.) So most of what you are probably trying to reverse don't use it anymore.

If you are looking for the programs UI related stuff, most of the Sciter apps keep things in a single encrypted file / zipped file which are loaded into memory. (Sciter supports this directly as a way to try and prevent code-theft but its just a deterrent.)

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