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ASProtect 2.78


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Difficulty: 3
Language: PureBASIC
Platform: Windows 32bit
OS Version: XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Packer/Protector: ASProtect 32 2.78


This is considered the easiest protector to unpack with a VM. I only seen 2.5x unpackmes around the net and most of the links were dead, so I made a new one. One binary has just protections, and the other also has license features minus hardware-lock. I couldn't get the API file to generate HWID and use SDK for it and didn't want to try and keygen a HWID. License version has keygen and password features.


Tip for inexperienced MUP people: Unpacks divided to the obvious sections with stolen OEP, import relays and ~10 VM opcodes in over-loaded VM handler. OEP bytes in VM handler and you can BP protector code sections to find VM and imports and stolen-bytes so you can dump, delete protector sections and rebuild IAT. Don't bother with "hard"/license binary option it's just there for amusement(encrypted sections) 



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