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Self Protection {Unpack me 1}


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Difficulty : you Tell me
Language : c#
Platform : Windows
OS Version : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Packer / Protector : Eazfuscator.NET , Modify Version ConfuserEx , dynamic protecation

Description :

protecation good! (Detcted Virus But Isnt Virus (For protecation)))

Screenshot :



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35 minutes ago, er132 said:

reza can you tell me a great protector for .net ???

NetGuard is a good choice when you take a look at the prices ;)

agile.net, eaz itself, ILProtector(latest version), DNGuard ...

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actually agile.net is eazy just managedjitter and de4dot

and for NetGuard i  try to unpack i dump it from hex but i cant  deobfuscation it 

but tnx 

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