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Best assembler for win32 < 4k intros


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i've tried masm in the past and it was the one that has output the biggest .exe of what i've tried

iirc tasm is a bit better size-wise and fasm even better

the 0ok assembler (t0a) is the best one ive tried so far regarding size but i want to have a generalized picture to pick from

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tried masm32 and i'm happy with the output so far, plus works in windows 95 and up, the upx unpacker do great for 4k and works in windows 95 too, thanks! :D

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Peter Ferrie

With TASM you can specify the alignment for the file which can reduce the size.  The big .exe is probably because of default alignments.

You can also hand-craft a well-defined .exe header with variables that you replace with final values.

Or just use Crinkler to pack the result. 🙂

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