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Modify oracle vm virtual box to run one windows exe


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I have one windows application which I want to run in virtual machine but its detecting that application is running in virtual machine. I have tried modifying registry and also tried other tweaks in order to make my virtual machine looks like real computer. I have tried windows 7,8 and 10 in virtual machine but same result. I need someone who can modify the virtual machine so that the application can run in virtual machine. I need to run that application in Oracle VM Virtual Box. I am attaching the exe I want to run in the Oracle VM Virtual Box. According to my research the exe is finding the name virtual machine and VBOX from registry and from other places i.e. from driver and other system information. if any one can have solution to complete modify virtual machine then reply me.




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You have to reverse the sample, and bypass the antivm check youself. It's probably just checking some registry key.

Or you can trying to install your VM with vmcloak,

It's design to create a VM for cuckoo, but you can use this VM to analyse manually your sample. (of course, don't install the guest additions)

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