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Newbie: how can I get a log (trace) with only all calls to an dll


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Hello my name is Markus, I´m very new to this debugger.

Could someone please help me and tell me, whats the easiest way to get a trace file with shows me all calls to a special dll which is also loaded before in memory.


I have a main.exe (aka loader.exe)  which loads some dlls and then its starts one of this dlls, (lets say game.dll : function runGame)  and this one make a lot of jumps to various functions inside a third  dll, ( lets call it anticheat,dll)

I want now to know how I can get a tracefile with all functioncalls from the game.dll to the anticheat.dll.

but not   ALL availiable Calls, but only these of them , which are really executed in the debug run !

I try the solution from mcchicken in this forum but it Trace everything from all other dlls to ... and this is too much to read for me.






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