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CrackMe for nonskid v2 // AntiSkid



Difficulty : 3
Language : C# (.NET)
Platform : Windows x32/x64
OS Version : Windows 7/8/10
Packer / Protector : AntiSkid (own)

Description :

get the password.

Screenshot :




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Great. Very nice. Interestingly. But I got the password.

1) I first tried Reflector
2) Then dot.Peek
3) DnSpy turned off about four times.
4) Then I used de4dot (Ivancito Gui), That allowed me to read the code
5) I searched for a moment where my password is being taken. (and it's base64), then you search in the int field. Maybe..
6) I opened the original crackme in DnSpy
6) I have modified the condition (if) to always return the truth.
7) And I used the debuger. Your password turned out pretty fast. I thought for a moment. Put it in the original CrackMe. And success.

I just wonder what kind you used the obfuscation. Thank you so please write to me in PM.

An password is: 






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Unfortunately, all your antiskid crack me's have the same flaw. You can simply execute application in a debugger such as Dnspy and when you hit the IsDebuggerPresent you can simply break and dump strings... 


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