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.NET Crackme

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Difficulty : 3/10
Language : C#
Platform : Windows
OS Version : Windows 7,8,10
Packer / Protector : Confuserex 0.3 and some custom stuff ;)

Description :

lit crackme

Screenshot :


Download :


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34 minutes ago, BackBox said:


1 -  megadumper

2 - Confuserex tools by CodeCracker

Yeah, great job, i mean this crackme was kind of trash. The Confuserex layer on the packer was useless af coz you can still easily dump the modules out of it. And in the main executeable i've added only a constant melter.

Sometimes dnspyx86 crashes if you try to decompile the constant melted Assembly (system.outofmemoryexception) . This is an dnspy x86 issue because it only uses 2gig of ur ram. You can solve the problem by using x64 version of dnspy

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I also cracked this with the key: 4$TWZTGt^62nR#m9NmKETr&@UKBBxgdDUeu8yQy_c2r2cPejWMh*8yYS8S#SneV-.

Im new to cracking and this is my second day.

Step 1: MegaDump it.

Step 2: De4Dot it.

Step 3: Unpack ConfuserEx.

Step 4: Open cheat engine.

Step 5: String "password". https://gyazo.com/2a1f6b1625df1faa3d7819a586474409

Step 6: Browse mem region. (You should see stuff but I clicked my win button)  https://gyazo.com/79525770260d6f60f43dacd0731498c9

Step 6: ezpz.

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