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CrackMe // Vmprotect 3.0.9

Go to solution Solved by Abigor,

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Difficulty : 10
Language : C++
Platform : Windows
OS Version : WinAll
Packer / Protector : VmProtect 3.0.9 Max settings

Description :

Provide correct number or cracked file. if you manage to crack please leave a tutorial :)




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01071045    813C24 96020000 CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP],0x296
0107104C    BA 50310701     MOV EDX,1.01073150                       ; ASCII "cracked"
01071051    68 A0130701     PUSH 1.010713A0
01071056    51              PUSH ECX
01071057    8B0D 60300701   MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[0x1073060]         ; msvcp140.?cout@std@@3V?$basic_ostream@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@@1@A
0107105D    74 05           JE SHORT 1.01071064
0107105F    BA 58310701     MOV EDX,1.01073158                       ; ASCII "not cracked"

hex 296 = 662 dec

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3 hours ago, Nemo said:

Difficulty ... 0.00001

yeah ik, i didn't know what to rate the difficulty cause i cant even crack / unpack this myself :unsure:

Edited by Gordon
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