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[DNLib] write a string desobfucator


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Hi all,

I start to use dnlib for the first time, and i wanted to made a string desofucator for an unknown malware packer.

I list the string inside the binary like this:

        public static void DecryptStrings(ModuleDef module)
            int count = 0;

            //List module Types
            foreach (TypeDef type in module.Types)
                //List methods
                foreach (MethodDef method in type.Methods)
                    //Remove empty method
                    if (!method.HasBody)

                    //Check instructions
                    for (int i = 0; i < method.Body.Instructions.Count; i++)
                        //List strings

                        if (method.Body.Instructions[i].OpCode == OpCodes.Ldstr)
                            if (method.Body.Instructions[i + 1].OpCode == OpCodes.Call)                              
                                var cryptedstring = method.Body.Instructions[i].Operand.ToString();
                                string decryptedstring = DecryptString(cryptedstring);

But the problem, not all the string are listed, i saw a lot of other wide strings witch the command line string -el binary, do you known why?

Other question, i wanted to patch in memory the binary, have you an example?

Thank you.

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use module.GetTypes() instead using module.Types .( GetTypes return all types including nested types)

for patching in memory take a look at Harmony

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