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[?] nowadays/prototype/future memories


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hi all

anyone know about current high-end memories(HDD/SSD/RAM)?

how they are designed, how they work and materials used to enhance speed or denseness or resistance.

it does not have to be on market. prototypes and even hypotheses can help.

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I have to present the best technology for data storage to a university professor. I chose DNA but he said there's a better tech too, go find it.I'm using google advanced search but can't find a thing other than DNA, quarts, nanostructured glass, Helium Drives, Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR).

which one of these is better?

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DNA storage is very experimental and need high power, cost a lot, need lot of equipements...

most reliable nowaday is magnetic tape storage such as LTO, high capacity of data storage, large lifespan, still in development, etc... the CERN, and everyone who do big datas use that.

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search: wear leveling, disc rot, UV light

they are struggling in the field of electro chemistry to improve solid state, wear leveling firmware(nobody exposes it to host) pretty much sucks in efficiency terms, and they gave up on consumer magnetic preservation after UV dye protection and shock-disengage bearings..

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