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Execute an exe in same process Java

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Hi guys and gals. I wanna execute an exe inside same process with Java code.
Hopefully someone will give some advices , I am not familiarly not even with executing exes from native code.
So first I have to use LoadLibrary of the exe, then what?
From what I've read on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44912/java-delegates
I'm fornicated since there are no delegates on Java!

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Solved a part of problems, I've used com.sun.jna.win32-x86 and the fallowing code:

   Path path = Paths.get(jTextField1.getText());
   byte[] data = Files.readAllBytes(path);
   int EPrva = GetEntryPointRva(data);
   HANDLE handle = ClassReaderWriter.mainprogram.Kernel32.INSTANCE.LoadLibraryA(jTextField1.getText());

    Pointer pointer = new Pointer(handle.getPointer().peer+EPrva);
    Function func = new Function(pointer, 0);
    func.invokeVoid(new Object[]{});

It throws and exception but only because imports are not fixed and dwords are not re-based.
A lot of work to do.
Does anyone know a good import table parser/fixer on C++ so I would convert it to Java?

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Finded a good solution for preserving default ImageBase:

    public static boolean WasPersevedSpace = false;
    public static void ExecuteItself()
ClassReaderWriter.mainprogram.Kernel32.MemoryBasicInformation mb = new 

Pointer ba_pointer = new Pointer(0x0400000);  // standard image base
ba_pointer, mb, mb.size());

if (mb.RegionSize.longValue()>10*1024*1024)  // if we have at last 10 MB
WasPersevedSpace = true;

        ProcessInformation processInformation = new ProcessInformation();
        StartupInfoA startupInfo = new StartupInfoA();
        // startupInfo.dwFlags = CREATE_SUSPENDED;
        //startupInfo.wShowWindow = SW_HIDE;

        boolean ok = Kernel32.INSTANCE.CreateProcessA("D:\\HonorableNetPatcher.exe", null
                , null
                , null
                , true
                , CREATE_SUSPENDED
                , null
                , "C:\\Windows\\System32\\"
                , startupInfo
                , processInformation);

        Pointer global_alloc = ClassReaderWriter.mainprogram.Kernel32.INSTANCE.VirtualAllocEx(
        15*1024*1024,  // 15 MB reserved



So in this way we reserve 15 MB of space at default ImageBase: 0400000
I've found an article: https://www.joachim-bauch.de/tutorials/loading-a-dll-from-memory/comment-page-1/
But how do we get current process name and current process parameters???
A proper import table fixer in C++ still to be found, the one from article I've posted is silly!

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