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Hi guys,

short question about PM notifycations.So since a while I got a problem getting new PM messages.If I got any new messages and I press on the message icon and choose / press the lastest message by member xy I got on the PM title then it always just opens the first message entry now and no more the last message as it did before.In this case I always need to jump forward to last PM entry manually to see the latest PM reply.Did you something changed that its no more working as before Ted?Maybe you can check that out and fix that so that it jumps again to latest PM reply in a PM member topic.

Thank you

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Nothing changed server side and all is working fine for me here. Have you tried clearing your browsers cache and retrying?


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Hi Ted,

hmmm,sound strange.The browser gets cleaned on closing.So the thing is that it only happens for PM messages but not for forum replys so there it always jumps to last reply.No idea why it dosent work for my PMs anymore. :( I didnt change any settings or something also have no clue whether there is any setting to setup whether to jump to last reply or to first.So what can I or we do now to get it working as before Ted?


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