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CeAutoAsm-x64dbg Plugin


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The CeAutoAsm plugin is a wrapper around a mini-project of mine, ceautoasm.dll.

ceautoasm.dll is Cheat Engine's internal auto assembler ripped out into a standalone library that can be used pretty much anywhere in a Windows environment. ceautoasm.dll uses the latest Cheat Engine code base for its internal workings with as minimal changes to the original code as needed to make it work.

Some features of the auto assembler and internals have been removed to limit file size and ease of use.

Removed Features (General)

  • All ARM / JNI / Unix / Mono features removed.
  • All Lua features are removed.
  • All driver/kernel level features removed.
  • All DBVM features removed.
  • Structure / Extended debug information resolving removed. (May restore later.)

Removed Features (Auto Assembler Engine)

  • Prologues [Removed due to not using Lua/Plugin features.]
  • Commands [Removed due to not using Lua/Plugin features.]
  • Plugins [Removed due to not using Lua/Plugin features.]
  • INCLUDE() macro. [Removed due to overhead/bloat. May be restored later.]
  • KALLOC() macro. [Removed due to not using kernel features.]
  • LOADLIBRARY() macro. [Removed due to overhead/bloat. Lot of code changes required to work with this library.]
  • LUACALL() macro. [Removed due to not using Lua features.]
  • REASSEMBLE() macro. [Removed due to requiring unwanted UI related things / disassembler engine.]


CeAutoAsm implements the following commands for x64dbg:

  • ceautoasm.getaddress [parsable_string]
    • Parses a Cheat Engine based string that can be interpreted as an address.
  • ceautoasm.goto [parsable_string]
    • Parses a Cheat Engine based string that can be interpreted as an address and goes to it in the CPU window.
  • ceautoasm.script.enable [script_name]
    • Executes the enable section of the given script.
  • ceautoasm.script.disable [script_name]
    • Executes the disable section of the given script.

Full information and download can be found on the Github:


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The 64bit version is now added to the Github repository. I have not had time to test the plugin itself. ceautoasm was tested in my demo app and appeared to pass all tests so it should be good to go. Github link above for latest info and files.

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