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Find the process name that locks a file


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9 hours ago, djpolgio said:

I know this is not an easy one ....

I tried with IFileIsInUse  but works only if the Process uses it to lock the files.

I tried also what suggested as "The Hard Way" here : hxxps://stackoverflow.com/questions/8726906/delphi-finding-the-process-that-is-accessing-a-file-from-my-program

but seems not working either

any idea ?



"seems not working" ?

Did got any errors ?

QueryProcess -> QueryOpenHandles

this could be useful -> http://forums.codeguru.com/showthread.php?176997.html

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@Conquest I'll check it out,

@opc0d3 no errors, just the locked file is not found. To do tests I used "Easy File Locker", I think the way it locks the file could be the problem. Infact I tested by writing a file in a loop (my app) and the lock was detected smoothly.


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