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Change of ImageBase in code section - MASM disassembler??


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On x64 there is no need for fixing code section, so all worked ok.
For x32 I have to change ImageBase (rebase) for code section.
For doing that I have disassemble code section or at last parse instruction and add its size,
then check for instructions I wanna fix, is there any MASM disassembler with source code?

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My project is in MASM (that's the reason!)
Also source code needed since I wanna change some thing like getting relative address where is the dword to be fixed!

Thanks for your help!

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well masm can just call and load from any lib when linked, so just grab beaengine (easiest), look at its diassm struct and just process the structs on the disasm, its relatively easy and pretty quick and the structs would contain the dword you're looking for etc.. just grab it, read the doc, learn the struct, i think theres masm examples too



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