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Site User Class Listing?


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I've looked around to try to understand the various levels of account "seniority" or "rank" for lack of a better term but haven't been able to figure out what is what. Example:

Junior, Junior+, Full Member, Full Member+, Team Member, Team Member+, Moderator...Administrator...etc etc.

The Administrator part goes without saying...:D but is there any post that describes what the difference is between the different levels of account rank...seemingly based on reputation? Do you get certain features or functionality unlocked after a certain level?

Maybe this is just one of those things I shouldn't be asking, but figured it was worth a shot.

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Teddy Rogers

Yes, the "ranking" order is as you have laid it out in your post. Yes, certain features and functionality become unlocked as you progress through those levels, e.g. mailbox limitation and sizes.

In answer of your next question(s) a "Junior" member isn't missing out on anything that a "Full Member+" wouldn't have access to. Each level is attained by number of posts...


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