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CPU32 Embedded Reversing JTAG


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Anyone have any experience working with ABATRON BDI2000 or BDI3000 on 683XX based architecture targets? These are the ones that use the CPU32 instruction set. I also have other JTAG pods that support CPU32, but the support for it is kind of dead these days since over thing has gone the way of ARM. The ABATRON I could never do much with except use the single hardware breakpoint, dump registers and memory. Still pretty useful, but it sucks having to clear the breakpoint and re-add it every time you want to step over any call in code. Soft breakpoints are not an option usually because the target devices usually boot from a rom or bootloader in flash which of course is not directly writeable like SRAM. other targets actually run the main code from ROM or flash so you have the same problem. I'm curious to know any experience anyone has had with debugging targets running from ROM or what your approach was, and which JTAG you used.


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