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AIO Filecrypter - Crack Me


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Difficulty : ?
Language : Purebasic
Platform : Windows
OS Version : Windows
Packer / Protector : unknown

Description :

Ok, after a delay i provide a alpha executable by the tool. At start you can see the licence screen. Let me know how you did the bypass and you will get a reward on your PayPal Account.

Screenshot (taken from the ini file) :



donation for your PayPal account





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Teddy Rogers

Is there a binary missing for this? Also you might want to lose the donation, it looks a bit misleading...


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Teddy Rogers

Why does the title state "unpack" and why have you posted in the unpackme forum? Also, the licence file is for what and how to identify when the licence file has been correctly reversed?


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I was not sure which Forum is the right place for this challenge.  

So, never mind... a admin can delete this thread.

I had in mind to honor the success with a PayPal donation. The tool itself that generate the licence code is written by me, called aio filecrypter. 

No public Version out yet. 

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