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Assembly column in x64dbg's reference window


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Hey guys,

First of all, sorry if this question has already been answered. I looked up first but didn't find anything. So I'm pretty new to reversing and I went through a few of Lena's tutorials but I decided to go through once again using x64dbg this time.

Near the end of part 4, it shows OllyDbg's reference window. There is a Disassembly column that shows where the instruction that pushes this string.


There is no such thing in x64dbg so I was wondering if there was another method to do the same.


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In x64dbg on CPU window click on any address and click on Search for -> Current module -> String references
There you will see all string from current module,
on Search text box enter a text to be found and x64dbg will filter Strings.
You can click an string address and choose Follow in Dissasembler.

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