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Custom ConfuserEX


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Difficulty : 2/10 ?
Language : C#
Platform : Windows
OS Version : All
Packer / Protector : Custom ConfuserEX

Description :

Unpack the file and all recommendations are helpful ! :)




Edited by Teddy Rogers
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Teddy Rogers

Please edit your topic and include an image or screenshot as per the example templates before this will be approved...


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edit : if i click edit button on my reply comment i get the Error code: 2F173/K ,, on my thread i don't have any edit button

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I didn't fully unpack it I did everything but the strings as I didn't want to code a tool so I just put a bp on string compare and did it that way 



all public tools still work apart from string decryption which imo is the easiest to make a tool for (using invoke)so stop others also 

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