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x64dbg Today Plugin (x86 & x64)


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You sir!, you look like a gullible fool... - I mean an enlightened cretin.

Do you find yourself tired from reversing? Don't understand low level assembler? Having trouble decrypting encrypted stuff?

Then look no further, this miracle plugin is for you good sir!

Yes, indeed, this is the remedy that you need!

With this you will be able to decrypt the toughest of encryptions with ease. You will be able brute force in a blink of the eye, and crack the most uncrackable programs, and write the best looking code - without comments.

Women will be impressed with you, and you will gain the respect of your peers and colleagues instantly. You will understand the most complex instructions and encodings without even having to look at them, and more...

Yes my friends this is indeed an age of miracles, and it can be yours for a paltry bit of information: your bank details, your mothers maiden name and her dog's favorite color...






Today Plugin

A x64dbg plugin to lists days of interest: national, commemorative, awareness or international observance days

The Today plugin, is a simple x64dbng plugin that shows some information about the day today in the log.

The title and icon can change as well to highlight a specific day.

Hopefully its informative / educational and / or fun.



  • Change x64dbg title and/or icon for specific days
  • Option to allow icon change to persist whilst debugging (reverts to default icon otherwise)


How to Install

  • Copy the Today.dp32 to your x64dbg\x32\plugins folder.
  • Copy the Today.dp64 to your x64dbg\x64\plugins folder.



Day entries compiled from the following links:

Apologies in advance if any information is incorrect.

Please note: Not all entries have an icon. Not all days have an entry. Some days have multiple entries. Some days have multiple icons.

The plugin contains 267 unique icons and 1012 unique day entries.


Github Repositories:







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One word (well, not exactly a word) ... LoL :D

Fantastic introduction ;)


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