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Feitian Rockey4 ND dongle SDK


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So i've used to do a vid recently and also a paper about protections in general (private sorry), here is the material i copied from the sdk CD if anyone interested.
https://workupload.com/file/mhQmPVw8kBv (40 Mb, with tools)

I've attached a bit of asm and a dongleme with emulator (emulator may be detect as malicious)
Video (french) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6photCQj_Po



Rockeys4nd tools and emu.zip

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Thanks man . is a great job we have now all info about ROCKEY4 : SDK ,utilities etc++ all  :) even how to ...

Merci beaucoup Xy12k. Trés bon travail. continue lol


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Moto Maxx

This Tool is Not Working, After Install emulator , TestEmulator.exe shows Dongle Functions OK! but I cannot detect it via Dongle API and DongleME. I Tried USB Trace and USB Monitor its also not detecting it. Can Anybody help me in this matter ?

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