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NSA Exploit Kit (Decrypted Files)


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NSA Exploit Kit (Decrypted Files) - Confirmed by Snowden Himself on TWITTER to be the REAL DEAL :

As can be seen from this news article from August last year :

Hackers Steal NSA Exploit Kit and Put it up for Auction , there were TWO sets of archives that contained the "Spying Tools" of the NSA.

The FREE version was made available last year itself.

The OTHER one (nicknamed the "Auction Version") was been sold for huge sums of money (Around 100 bitcoins).

Yesterday, the decrypted files from the AUCTION version were also released.

Link to Decrypted Version of the AUCTION FILES ARCHIVE files :
The Decryption Key (If needed) is :

The FREE version also can be got here, for your convenience :
Password for the FREE file archive (If needed) :
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