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Symbols tab > Executable Module Path Caller


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Love my Olly, but really diggin x64DBG. 

One question I can't seem to sort out. When you are in Olly, and your at the entry point, if you open the executable modules, you see your .exe. When you run it, you can see what dlls are being loaded and can ultimately sort by path location to see which dlls are in play.

I can see all the dlls under symbols, but what is not seen is the path and caller of which dll from user vs system.

Is there a way to track that? I can see it says "user" "system" "party" but It would be helpful when searching for APIs or strings when your looking for any given routine to know the caller path.

Is this just not implemented or am I doing something incorrectly?

Thank you.

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I installed and tested on a known platform both x32 and x64 and it works very well and as expected. It nicely listed all the paths/modules and double clicking on a particular module drops right into the dll or module as needed.

My only suggestion would be to integrate it into a right click context in the symbols area maybe? That would reduce some time but only in a minor way.

Understand if you don't want to go down that road.

Thank you VERY much for creating this.



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There already is a right click option to copy the full symbol path if that's what you meant...

Edit: nevermind. What you can do is use the favorite commands and bind a hotkey to it.

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