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I have been reading the documentation to implement some Debug API functions in a plugin.


I see a lot of functions, but where can I see the C/C++ prototypes or signature of each one ?

Is this link still a working progress doc ? If so, that's fine but would like if someone can point some samples maybe where I can see the functions working.



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There is a good few plugins already out there that are on github etc, that will help to show how some of the functions are made etc: https://github.com/x64dbg/x64dbg/wiki/Plugins

Yes the documentation doesn't have all the parameters for the functions, it is work in progress.

Mostly looking at the source code for the mo is your best bet for getting to grips with the functions available to plugin developers


plugin functions can be found defined in _plugins.h here: https://github.com/x64dbg/x64dbg/blob/development/src/dbg/_plugins.h#L275

this also includes all the relevant structures for plugins


DbgFunctions can be found here: https://github.com/x64dbg/x64dbg/blob/e58bc13526eafbb70f2b1316a32bd12790eed588/src/bridge/bridgemain.h#L777

or here: https://github.com/x64dbg/x64dbg/blob/development/src/dbg/_dbgfunctions.cpp#L315


Example for DbgDisasmAt information:


BRIDGE_IMPEXP void DbgDisasmAt(duint addr, DISASM_INSTR* instr); 

so DISASM_INSTR is found here: https://github.com/x64dbg/x64dbg/blob/e58bc13526eafbb70f2b1316a32bd12790eed588/src/bridge/bridgemain.h#L673

typedef struct
    char instruction[64];
    int argcount;
    int instr_size;
    DISASM_ARG arg[3];

hope that helps

ps: here is a link to a DbgDisamFastAt function usage (similar-ish to DbgDisasm): https://github.com/ThunderCls/xAnalyzer/blob/master/xAnalyzer/xanalyzer.cpp#L237


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