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Compile Dnspy


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How can i compile dnspy?

i'm open it by VS2017 however i can't compile it and project have lots of error

is it possible someone record video for about how can compile dnspy

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Don't just download the whole repository straight from GitHub, otherwise you might run into problems, instead I recommend using GitHub Desktop especially if you like GUI front-ends

It does everything for you and it grabs all the sources you need even the satellite assemblies :D

Give it a go and tell us how it went :D

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Install git, then clone the repository with the command

git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/0xd4d/dnSpy


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thanks but in this way we have error such as:

error: unable to create file ICSharpCode.NRefactory.Tests/CSharp/CodeActions/ConvertIfStatementToConditionalTernaryExpressionActionTests.cs: Filename too long

the system don't have permission for create file with long name

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do what my exodia said except from maybe the root of the drive a.k.a c:\ or create a directory c:\code and run the command from there.. should be fine after that..

dont forget to change to directory you put it in and use

git submodule update --recursive

git pull

git submodule update --recursive

to get any needed submodules.. also use it to update to later commits...

oops just read the command mr exodia typed it should already grab the submodules.. im so tired.. lol

although you can use these commands to update




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