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Some Win32 offline reference help files (chm)


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I have a small collection of win32 reference help files in chm format, created with PackageThis. Unfortunately the PackageThis (https://packagethis.codeplex.com/) doesnt work anymore, and hasnt been updated in years. At the time i only collected a few topics of potential interest to myself and not every subset of the MSDN library.

The collection contains the following:

  • COM.chm
  • Cryptography.chm
  • DeviceManagement.chm
  • DynamicLinkLibraries.chm
  • FileManagement.chm
  • FileSystems.chm
  • ListviewControls.chm
  • MAPI.chm
  • ODBC.chm
  • Processes.chm
  • ProgressBarControls.chm
  • psapi.chm
  • Services.chm
  • ToolbarControls.chm
  • TreeviewControls.chm
  • WinINet.chm
  • Winsock2.chm

So they may be of use to win32 programmers: assembly language, c/c++ etc.

Hopefully others might find them useful for offline reference.

Note: the information in them may be incomplete or outdated, but hopefully still useful.


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update dropbox link
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There is actually a more or less official downloader for the MSDN Documentation :




Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015 Help Downloader

Project Description
Tool for downloading the Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015 help packages for offline use


Allows Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015 packages to be downloaded to an offline cache location before importing them into Microsoft Help Viewer 2.0/2.1/2.2.

If the cache is kept following the import, then only changes will be downloaded on subsequent occasions.


Quick Guide

  • Select the version of Visual Studio to download the help for
  • Select your language from the drop down list
  • Press "Load Books" to retrieve the list of available books. Books that are already in the cache (partially or fully) will automatically be checked. Note that because packages are shared between different books, you may get extra items checked automatically.
  • Check (or uncheck) book that you want to download. The "Download Size" and "Num Downloads" columns indicate an approximate amount of data that needs to be downloaded for the book based on what is already in the cache.
  • Press "Download" to start downloading the requested books. Packages for books no longer selected will be deleted at this point.
  • When the download is complete, import the new books into "Microsoft Help Viewer" using the "Manage Content" tab.


This project is based on (and shares some code with) the earlier project Visual Studio Help Downloader by nop.


Download just the tool here :
The Website can be accessed here :

I use this tool and must say that its excellent :D !



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On 3/2/2017 at 10:40 AM, fearless said:

Note: the information in them may be incomplete or outdated, but hopefully still useful.

The file is not there :( 
Could you make it available ?


PS: unless the file above from @Alzri2 has them all in there.

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