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Scylla APIs Confusion.


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Hello. So I am unpacking some random stuff and found out a way to fix redirection. My question is - using scylla_wrapper APIs https://bitbucket.org/cypherpunk/scylla_wrapper_dll , how can I solve redirection on my binary? I.E. - I should walkthrough the binary (find API redirection calls, ez), then add to imports the emulated API - but then how can I know the IAT offset so that my API redirection call calls the IAT instead of the redirection code?. Tnx




    auto importName = scylla_findImportNameByWriteLocation(0x00007FF87FAE8020); //Takes forever
    scylla_addImport(L"MessageBoxA", 0x00007FF87FAE8020); //just crashes

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