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GLSL Shader Fragment Editor V0.42 alpha


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maybe this thread should be moved into another sub forum? not sure


i'm currently programing a Shader Editor Tool to create on the fly own GLSL Shaders. Of course Shaders are moving and been animated in that tool.
It is possible to manipulate or rewrite or start from the scratch with a brand new GLSL Shader.

Shader Tool Screenshot:



no helpfile yet. the video should explain the "how to"

after all it is possible to do some pre work for later Demo and Cracktro Coding.
you can write your own GLSL Shader on the fly and export 'em for PureBasic Demo usage as *.PBI include file.  I'll add a  Demo PB Script too, to make things easier, starting over with the demo programming.

so long.



if you encounter bugs, please let me know.


GLSL Shader Fragment Editor V0.42 alpha.rar

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