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Remember Me site option suggetion


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Remember Me site option:


Remember me
- remember me = true
- remember me = false

So when you enter these links will mark/unmark Remember me checkbox.
Will be great if Ted will do something like this.

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Just so that I have a clear understanding, you would like to have an option for the board to remember you and not remember you - when you are already logged in? Why is this function needed?


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5 hours ago, CodeCracker said:

just kid of silly to always unmark "Remember me" checkbox.

Yes and no. If you are going to log in from a random machine it would be prudent to ensure you untick the "Remember me" box when signing in. IPS have enabled it to remember you by default as most people tend to sign in from the same unshared machine(s). There is no option in the board settings to change this configuration that I am aware of. It will likely be possible by amending the skin template, I may take a look at this later on and weigh up the pros and cons...


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