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Hello guys , Sorry for newbie question !

Is there any way to prevent turbo virtual application studio( spoon) files from being extracted or making it harder to extract  ? like protectors or ....

Thanks .



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From the Spoon manual:


Files and folders may optionally be hidden from shell browse dialogs and other applications enumerating virtual directory contents. This is often used to prevent internal components and data files from being displayed to the user. To hide a file or folder, click on the checkbox in the Hidden column next to the desired file or folder.

Note: The hidden flag should not be confused with Hide isolation mode. Enabling the hidden flag only prevents a file or folder from being displayed in browse dialogs or from directory enumeration APIs. It does not prevent the application, and therefore potentially the end-user, from accessing the folder or file contents by direct binding.

So, newbies will be defeated if you set "hidden" attribute to virtualized files and folders. But nothing can stop a reasonably skilled person from extracting those files.

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