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Aldhard Oswine

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Aldhard Oswine

It's a great place. I found this today and can not stop reading interesting discussions.
And I need your help. As I guess, most of you are knowledgeable persons.
I want to learn how to analyze malware in depth. I want to RE it.
Can you provide some resources related to reverse engineering and malware analyses? Books, blogs, forums, video courses, etc.
I know about Practical Malware analysis, MAC, Practical RE, Eilam's book about RE, opensecuritytraining

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Using resources that you already mentioned you already have a lot of materials to study the subject.

Another great ebook that you can purchase is: Malware Analysts Cookbook

There is also a very good online course made years ago by Dr. Fu that will cover the reverse engineering approach behind the analysis.

You can find it here: Dr. Fu Malware Analysis Tutorials: a Reverse Engineering Approach

If you already have experience in reverse engineering start reverse samples that were already been analyzed by others and if you are stucked or confused you can read notes to learn along the way.

Check this repository on github theZoo, it contains malware samples and source code of some of them.

Hope it helps you to start :)

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Unfortunately i don't know nobody that made this course so i can't give opinions about it.

Don't know if someone else in this board have experience with it.

Just ask on reddit, there are discussion about sans grem and people that had this experience, they can surely give a better opinion.

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